PRS is actively involved in the local physician community. We know about the issues that physicians care about in this area, and we want to stay in touch.

For this reason have we developed a concept of lectures, discussion and Q and A sessions on various topics of interest to you-our clients.

Dates and speakers vary, please call for an updated schedule Karin Armero 727-844-5404.

All events include refreshments and are free to physicians and their guest(s).

If you are interested in one of our events or want more information, please do not hesitate to call.

Current Lectures:

Physicians Without Malpractice-A discussion of legal, financial and practical ramifications of going without malpractice insurance
Dr. Alan Gassman, Esq.

Under Coding-Legal and financial impact of under coding
Karin Armero, Consultant

Discussion Groups:

Frivolous Law Suits: Why do physicians have to pay for unrealistic expectations? Why does their malpractice insurance have to pay for a legislature that supports the unrealistic notion of medical perfection?
Discussion panel with lawmakers, physicians, media