About Us

Mission Statement

To provide medical practices with a full range of billing, collection and other revenue cycle related services for one low fee proportionate to practice revenues and to supersede expectations in revenue and service.

Perfect Blend of Technology and Human Factor

Today’s technology allows for fast and efficient methods to file and track claims. Bells and whistles are important. Program modules to scrub claims prior to submission check for procedure and diagnosis pairings, place of service compatibility with procedure codes, and other internal claim data go a long way to minimizing rejections. Programmed direct links to external websites to check insurance eligibility and insurance payer numbers are just one of the many recent innovations contributing to the speed with which today’s claims are turned into reimbursement for the practice. We know. We have them all. But just as important, if not more so, is the human factor. Our employees do not just enter data, transmit claims and call insurance companies to ensure payment. Every time a claim is touched by one of our employees, the procedure has a backup and internal-check by one or more staff members to ensure that subtle and not-so-subtle problems are caught prior to the claim going out. Our human systems of redundant checks are a very basic old fashioned approach to business practices. Open A/R is personally managed. Insurance companies are called by real people, who are knowledgeable in collections and familiar with the practice. This way we uncover systemic non-payments and fix individual rejections. Each employee’s follow up activities are closely monitored and supervised to achieve the highest possible reimbursement; but at the same time, this allows for early detection of denial patterns, problem resolutions on a larger scale and training opportunity for staff at the practice as well as internally.

It insures that your practice and your patients are handled by people as well as technology.

U.S.A Based

Each and every client and patient contact is handled by one of our in-house account specialists. We do not outsource. Your patients will always be speaking to a perfectly understood English speaker. We also have bi-lingual personnel to help Spanish speaking patients. Every practice has an account executive attending to practice needs and knowledgeable as to the particularities of that practice.